Viking Link will include approximately 635 km of submarine high voltage DC cables which will pass through the Dutch and German waters.

The submarine cable route between Denmark and the United Kingdom has been identified after various investigations and consultations with relevant stakeholders, National Authorities and other organisations.

Seabed survey works which commenced in March 2016 have been completed. These survey works started in the Danish waters across the southern North Sea, through the German and Dutch waters before terminating in the UK.

Throughout the survey, we were in contact with all identified third party asset owners, local fishing communities and local statutory authorities to advise on the survey activities and programme in the relevant areas.

The survey works included geophysical, geotechnical and benthic surveys providing an understanding of the viability of the proposed submarine cable route as well as an ecological baseline to complete the environmental impact assessments that will form part of the marine licence applications to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) in the UK and similar applications in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. 

National Grid and Energinet will continue to engage and discuss our project proposals with the relevant authorities and stakeholders within the UK, Dutch, German and Danish territories.