Please find Viking Link documents for Great Britain below. 


TEN-E Regulation:

Viking Link, An End to End Environmental Assessment (October 2017)

Non-Technical Summary for the TEN-E Regulations (July 2017)

Confirmation of acceptance of the CfPP (November, 2016)

Concept for Public Participation (CfPP) (October, 2016)

Confirmation of acceptance of PCI Notification Letter (October, 2016)

PCI Notification Letter (July, 2016)

Information Leaflet for Public Participation under the TEN-E regulation (May 2016)


Project reports:

UK Onshore Scheme: Preferred Route Corridor Report (December 2016)

UK Onshore Scheme: Phase 2 Consultation Report (December 2016)

UK Onshore Scheme: Route Corridor Selection Non-Technical Summary (September 2016)

UK Onshore Scheme: Route Corridor Selection Report (September 2016) 

UK Onshore Scheme: Scoping Report (August 2016)

UK Onshore Scheme: Preferred Sites Selection Report (August 2016)

UK Onshore Scheme: Phase 1 Consultation Report (August 2016):

Landfall and Converter Site Selection Report (April 2016):

Viking Link Strategic Options Report (April 2016) 


Press Releases:

Public Information Events (30 May, 2017)

GB Preferred cable route corridor options (15 March, 2017)

GB Preferred cable route corridor (14 December, 2016) 

GB Phase 2 consultation ends (17 October, 2016)

GB Phase 2 consultation reminder (6 October, 2016)

Preferred sites for landfall and converter station; start of GB phase 2 consultation (22 August, 2016) 

Public Participation Events (July, 2016)

GB Phase 1 consultation ends (23 May, 2016)

GB Phase 1 consultation events end (28 April, 2016)


UK Public Information Events (6 - 16 June, 2017):

Exhibition Panels


UK Phase 2 Public Consultation (5 September - 14 October, 2016):

Exhibition Panels

Converter station photomontage

Converter station flyaround

Book of Plans 

Feedback Form


Public Participation Events (27 July - 19 August, 2016):

Exhibition boards


UK Phase 1 Public Consultation (11 April - 20 May, 2016):

Converter Sites Exhibition Panels

Landfall Sites Exhibition Panels

Converter Station Elevation

Converter Station Flyaround

Converter station feedback form

Landfall point feedback form


Information event:

Bicker Fen Information Event (9 March 2016) - Exhibition Panels 



Presentation to Local Authority Members (March 2016) 

Presentation to Parish Councils (January to March 2016)