Surveys and access

We will contact landowners and occupiers to ask permission to access their land to carry out a range of environmental and engineering surveys. These are needed to help us develop our project and wherever possible we will try to work with landowners to agree voluntary access arrangements, and give as much notice as we reasonably can prior to entering land.

Some ecological and environmental surveys will be time critical and can only be carried out at specific times of the year. Some surveys may also involve the drilling of boreholes or the excavation of trial pits to assess ground conditions – please note that we will not need to carry out any intrusive surveys on residential property.

An outline schedule of proposed surveys, including the type, time of year and duration of surveys has been produced and is shown below. 

These surveys will be undertaken by our appointed contractors and are critical in identifying and understanding engineering and environmental constraints that could influence the routing and siting of the new electricity transmission assets.

In recognition of any potential land damage and disturbance that may be caused by carrying out surveys and site investigations, Viking Link is offering a range of compensation payments. The payments will not preclude negotiation for further compensation where additional and proven land damage and disturbance has been caused and can be evidenced.